Programmatic Marketing
Why We Do Programmatic Advertising?
Many traditional offline channels are on their way to become digitized. Programmatic Advertising is an automated process of purchasing and selling available digital advertising space. It exists in a wide range of digital channels, including display, mobile, video and social.
Marketing Strategy
Provide consultation, support, tracking and provide campaign analytics report service .

Programmatic Media Buy

Through our own self programmatic platform & RTB for the best ROI of campaigns.
Ad Design Production
Provide tailor made ad format design for presenting the message to your target audience
Benefits of Using Programmatic
1. Audience Intelligence
Audience intelligence is crucial to develop highly targeted digital advertising campaigns. Our programmatic experts use first, second and third-hand data to create buyer personas and identify the demands and preferences of your target audience. We collect relevant data from Data management platforms in both Hong Kong and China as well as use our in-house analytics tools to collect accurate data about your audience, their online habits, content consumption and their requirements.
2. Ad Creation
The programmatic experts at MediAdTech specialize in creating click-worthy ads with the optimum use of text and visuals. All our ads are created to engage with your target audience and lookalike audience and convert them into customers. Our ad creators develop a number of ad formats and sizes that are sure to connect with the audience and provide measurable results.
3. Ad Optimization
Our bidders regularly track and monitor all your programmatic ad campaigns. They identify the underperforming areas of the campaign and take steps to optimize them for optimum results. We leave no stone unturned to ensure all your programmatic campaigns offer maximum ROI. We further identify the best performing ads and optimize them to improve their effectiveness.
4. Sharp Targeting
For online advertisements to be effective, it is critical to ensure that they are displayed before the right kind of people on their preferred platforms. The best programmatic services professionals from MediAdTech, identify the right audience based on their demographics, age, gender, online behavioural patterns, education level, content consumption patterns, and other important attributes. We then create laser-targeted advertisements to connect and convert them.
5. Google Analytics Integration
We integrate your programmatic campaign with Google Analytics platform and track the performance of each campaign. We ensure that each of your ads reaches to the target audience at the correct time and improves your online brand visibility. We take every action to ensure that every penny you spend on our programmatic services is put to good use.
AD Formats
Mediadtech brings you extensive, highly visible, localized and creative online advertising formats.
1. Custom Whitelisting
Based on your business objectives, online presence, brand image and target audience, we identify the right platforms that help you to reach out to potential customers. We manually whitelist the URLs and platforms that help in connecting with the new audience, who are already looking for your products and services. We actively use Google Marketing Platform, Google AD Manager and Appnexus to locate and target the most promising advertising opportunities on the web.
2. Omni-Channel Advertisements
Our programmatic experts are well aware of the importance of creating omnichannel experiences. We create accurate content for native, cross-platform, social, and video platforms. We target all the prominent digital mediums to ensure that your programmatic ads reach the right audience, on the right platform, at the right time.
3. Remarketing Strategy
We also provide remarketing services through our programmatic ads. We identify the customers, who did not convert and re-engage them with effective remarketing campaigns. Our highly-targeted remarketing campaigns will help you to convert more customers and increase sales.
4. Real-Time Bidding
Our expert bidders identify the best DSPs on the web, based on parameters such as security, precision and analytics. We also use Google Ad Manager, Google Marketing Platform and Appnexus to identify the best platforms for your marketing ads and conduct real-time bidding.
Why choose us
Our data management platforms in both HONG KONG and CHINA.
Multiple AD Formats
Over 20+ tailor made AD formats design.
Own-self Platform
Run by our own-self programmatic platform.
Real-Time Bidding
By using Google Ad Manager, Google Marketing Platform, Appnexus and more tools.
GA Integration
We integrate your campaign with GA platform and track the performance of each campaign.
Ad Optimization
Our bidders regularly track and monitor all your programmatic ad campaigns.
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